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Sandals in Olympia

The beginning

The business was established in 1986 in Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. In the beginning, it was named “The Leather” with many leather goods, such as bags, sandals, belts, etc. After many years of experience, the Leather was renamed Sandalon and opened in 2012 after the complete renovation of the store.

Sandalon store in Ancient Olympia

The store has been named by the Greek word sandalon, which means sandal and it focuses only on Greek handmade leather sandals. In 2020, a new door opens for Sandalon, as the operation of the online store ( begins aiming on spreading Greek sandals around the world and gaining a place in the global market.

The oldest known sandals (and the oldest known footwear of any type) are dated from at least 10,000 years. Their history goes back to ancient times; a well-known example is the God Hermes’s winged sandals.

Nowadays Greece is famous for the high quality leather as well as the unique designs of sandals. The combination of high quality manufacturing and raw materials, as well as the up-to-date design make Sanδalon’s sandals stand out.

Sandalon’s philosophy focuses on supporting the Greek industry around Greece. Our suppliers are in Athens, Thessalonica, Crete Island and Corfu Island. They are small family businesses that create sandals with unique inspiration and ideas from the Ancient Greek history and mythology. Many designs are so successful and popular that exist for decades. In the same time, the timeless designs are being influenced more or less of the trends of fashion and creators show new designs every year. Also the contemporary technology gives new types of insoles and ensures comfort and restful walking.

Sanδalon provides a range of collections of leather sandals: ancient Greek designs, decorated sandals in limited edition, sandals with orthopedic insoles, sandals for children, boys and girls, sandals for men, various colors and types of leather, all handmade with excellent value for money.

At Sandalon you can also get custom handmade sandals, especially for you both in color and design, as well as bedecked ones upon order. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Take your new sandals in a paper box or an ecological reusable bag in bright, joyful color -ideal for gift too- as in Sandalon we have stopped using the plastic bag, since the summer of 2019, trying to participate in the worldwide effort to rescue and improve the environment.

The business is a member of the Commercial Union of Ancient Olympia “Hermes” ( and actively participates in the efforts of the Union for the upgrade and sufficient operation of the city’s Market.

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